Access to the SD Card from the desktop

I intend to use my Treo as a kind of ultra-light weight "laptop" for certain trips. Often I can use some computer in an office or internet cafe for more extensive work. So it would be nice to use the SD Card as a memory stick. Apart from that, being able to directly work with the files on the card from my regular laptop would really help too. With Softick’s CardExport II ($15), this is now reality. Just start the software on the Treo and click "connect".

Sound recording

As a first post… One of the obvious things is to use the Treo as a voice recorder. It takes a firmware upgrade to make that possible, but then there is a choice of software to use.

Up and running?

Starting to use blogging as a note-taking tool… Let’s see how that works. I’m trying to use the gaim-blogger plugin for Gaim to make this as easy as possible, since I have my instant messaging program open mostly. My data life seems to slowly take shape around a few programs.

  • Firefox as the browser desktop, to surf the net, find things, and develop websites and such.
  • Agendus and Bonsai as contact, time, and task management tools, synchronising nicely with my Treo.