Drones for good, pirates in the sky

You’re enjoying a sunny day in the park with some friends. You get out your smart phone to find that piece of music your friends really should hear, and all of a sudden, a flock of colourful mini helicopters appears out of nowhere, and perform a gracious dance in the sky above you while the […]

Around the web in week 08, 2012

Fundstücke published this week:

A Critical Look at Decentralized Personal Data Architectures21 Feb 2012, Arvind NarayananI have a new paper with the above title, currently under peer review, with Vincent Toubiana, Solon B…

Deploying a website with lftp

There still are web hosting providers offering only ftp access to your website files. No fun if you’re used to version control systems and shell access. I had to deal with that situation, and used Linux’s strength: combining several small tools.

Captchas and crowdsourcing

What if… you can help 100 million people to learn a new language, and let them help translate the web in return?
TEDxCMU — Luis von Ahn — Duolingo: The Next Chapter in Human Computation (by TEDxTalks)