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Plumbing on the web

Social Media Plumbing:

Flow chart

A post by Robert Scoble made me have another look at rooms in FriendFeed. I set things up over the weekend, and decided to document it, to maybe succeed in explaining what this is all about. Here’s my situation:

  • I post content on various social media sites through various tools
  • I want some of that content to appear on my own website
  • I switch platforms quite often, or start using them in a different way, so keeping it up to date should be easy

So I decided to start a FriendFeed room with content that I want to appear on my site1, and use their feed widget to then display it on my home page. It still took some effort (to get the styling how I wanted it), but it’s done, and here’s how.

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NABUUR volunteer opportunities in Social Actions

I think I first met Peter Deitz at Web of Change, talking about his work as micro-philanthropy consultant, and his idea to mash up the actionable opportunities on all the platforms for social change. That became Social Actions, a platform where you can find things to do: join an event, sign a petition, donate to a cause, give out a loan, volunteer.

Those things you can do come from a variety of sources, like Care2, GlobalGiving, Kiva,, and starting this week, also from NABUUR, the online volunteer network.
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Moving from "Open source" to "Open roadmap"

Many NGOs are good at forming strategic alliances to achieve their objectives (they’re usually also good at competing each other nearly to death, often at the same time, but I’ll keep that for a different post maybe). Yet, at the level of web technology, this usually seems to be limited to the level of exchanging tips and tricks, perhaps some RSS feeds, and referring each other to providers and vendors.

Two major developments are changing that situation now:

  1. Many organisations are investing in Drupal for their web platforms. This creates an eco-system where it’s easier to exchange actual technology, and to talk about it on a higher level of abstraction of artefacts and concepts.
  2. There’s an exploding interest in the NGO world to align strategies and investments in technology. The “Tool Pool” discussion revived at the Ecampaigning Forum, and the NetSquared conference next week brings this closer as well. Not to mention to emergence of more and more BarCamps like Social Innovation Camp. Continue reading →
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Getting in the mood for the NetSquared Mashup Challenge with Oneworld Connect

In my third year coming to NetSquared, I find myself in a new role: as one of 21 designated “project leads” who will be trying to connect the featured projects with the developers ready to work on an NGO project.

I’m working with Roshani Kothari and Michael Litz of the Oneworld Connect project, and together we’ve started a wiki page with what we’d like to work on. I’m posting the story here too: please help us develop this further, shape our thoughts, and connect our ambitions to the endless possibilities :-) Continue reading →

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NetSquared Online Sessions

I am in San Jose now, just a few hours away from the opening reception of NetSquared, probably the biggest "Web 2.0" conference I will be attending for a while, with some 350 participants expected. Many many interesting talks and sessions proposed, including a parallel online event, with two important items.

Tuesday 30th May, 11AM PST (which is 8PM Western Europe, 7PM UK, 6PM UTC) I will have an hour session on our Custard Melt project, and especially on what our ambitions and expectations are. I hope that many people will join to explore how we can make the online platform help in galvanising offline action.

At 4PM PST, 1AM Western Europe, midnight UK, 11PM UTC, Micki Krimmel of Participant Productions will be online for a session on "Media that Mobilizes: An Inconvenient Truth, ClimateCrisis and more tales from". Of course, as the producers behind Al Gore’s movie about climate change, this is of particular interest to us.

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