Drones for good, pirates in the sky

You’re enjoying a sunny day in the park with some friends. You get out your smart phone to find that piece of music your friends really should hear, and all of a sudden, a flock of colourful mini helicopters appears out of nowhere, and perform a gracious dance in the sky above you while the music plays. Then they disappear again.

Sounds futuristic? Yeah, even still looked futuristic when I saw this at the GLOW Festival in Eindhoven, last November:

Science fiction is quickly loosing its fiction part and is becoming reality. The Electronic Countermeasures installation was a proof of concept of the technology, but now the Pirate Bay is preparing for the next step: using these flying robots to build a “low orbit network of server drones”. Let the robots in the sky help you share, independent of providers and regulators.

The military are building drones for “Non-cooperative, Biometric Tagging, Tracking, facial recognition to follow people in a crowd, so why not use the same tools for to monitor police operations in demonstrations?


Although still relatively expensive, the drones are a nice addition to the $100 Satellites, using balloons and kites to make maps and asses situations, for instance in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, or working with communities in Peru:

Preparing for launch

Lets build Drones For Good!

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